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Set Yourself Apart From The Rest.

BizPad provides leading edge Digital Marketing, 3D Advertising, and cutting-edge Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality services.

3D Model Web

Now we have added a three.js, which is a game changer in many respects. It brings a new coding language to the front, and integrates 3D models with animation, interaction, to the Web. This technology also has the ability to be used with AR and will be built for you without having to download software or a standalone mobile application. Don't use current slow browser based software plugins like most successful 3D providers do today!! This is software open to the public (open-source), fast to run (light-weight) and Game Changers! Click Here

Now the Best Online 3D Model Viewer and Controller 

Set Yourself Apart From The Rest. At BizPad, we use a well-balanced set of technologies to create solutions that will make you stand out from the crowd. We focus on custom solutions for the top virtual reality platforms, including Windows Mixed Reality. We also offer state-of-the-art 3D application development through platforms such as Unity and GWD.

Our experience is growing and is being put to good use, ensuring that our clients will have the highest-value technical solution for their particular business challenge. 

3D Advertising

BizPad Technologies Online 3D Modeling Services

We are going to make it our goal to help in designing diverse types of 3D models which are successfully used by construction companies, engineers, filmmakers, animation studios, and so on, to make their service proposition more attractive and value-added for their customers. It is the integration of 3D scanning and of computer-aided designing (CAD) that has made three-dimensional designs such an effective and sought-after solution for a diverse business like BizPad operating in all types of industry sectors.

As a responsible and high-goal seeking 3D design company we plan to meet all your 3D modeling project requirements. We can craft plans that encompass all your project specifications, necessities and do it within budgetary constraints without compromising on the quality of the services. With our team, you will feel like working with an extended in-house team that understands everything about your business objectives and preferences.

Services we Offer:

  • Product Modeling

  • Architectural Modeling

  • 3D Model to Web

  • 3D Model to Advertisement

Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing includes email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), in-game advertising, and mobile advertising.

BizPad has taken it a step further where now we are starting to add 3D and Augmented Reality (Apples Examples) into your Digital Marketing campaigns.

The difference behind your Ads and the traditional Ads MAKE YOU STAND OUT!

Contact us
 for more details.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

BizPad Technologies - Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Services

Augmented Reality Development

BizPad builds AR solutions for all industries. We also combine these innovative solutions with other technologies to create an even more captivating experience. AR is the next big technology that overlays digital environments in the real world to enable users with highly realistic experiences. BizPad helps businesses, brands, and digital agencies adopt AR technology to address their different purposes such as training, marketing, shopping, manufacturing, and more.

We offer augmented reality development services for both iOS and Android platforms using the latest ARkit and ARCore SDKs, frameworks, tools, & technologies to build high performing solutions.

Mixed Reality app development

With the help of Unity, our developers build MR interfaces to manage business activities and facilitate productivity from anywhere.

Transform a high-resolution scanned, location or object into a hologram and view it as an interactive digital environment overlay. Make the hologram shareable with people anywhere in the World.

Take a 3D scanned model or CAD drawing and use it for different purposes such as training, marketing, shopping, manufacturing, repairing, and more.

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